Isn't this unhygienic? Bedok Point eatery employee uses hot water meant for diners to fill mop bucket

Submitted by Stomper ZL

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Stomper ZL was disgusted when she saw an employee at Saizeriya restaurant in Bedok Point filling a bucket from a hot water tap meant for diners yesterday (Jan 16).

The employee saw the employee filling a yellow bucket with hot water before transferring it to a mop bucket.

Said the Stomper:

"The employee is using the hot water tap for patrons to fill up his pail for wiping and mopping.

"I hope that Stomp can spread hygiene awareness to all the food and beverage outlets in Singapore."

Although there is a possibility that the yellow bucket was clean and did not touch the dirty mop water, perhaps the employee should not have done this in full view of the restaurant's diners.

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