Yuck! Woman finds bug in chicken rice bought from Kopitiam Square in Sengkang

Submitted by Stomper Biggie

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Stomper Biggie was shocked to find an unexpected ingredient in her chicken rice this morning (Dec 16).

The Stomper has been a loyal customer of the chicken rice stall at the Kopitiam Square in Sengkang Square for two years already so it came as a huge surprise for her to find this insect in her food.

Said Biggie:

"My sister told me she also found a worm in her own packet.

"I just threw away my food once I saw the insect.

"I will still visit the stall as I have been going there for two years already and this is the first time such a thing has happened.

"I will let the stall owner know so that other customers won't encounter the same thing."