Diner finds piece of plastic in hor fun from Tampines Mall cafe -- but manager's reply is seriously epic

Submitted by Stomper Dave

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Dave and his wife found a piece of plastic inside their hor fun while dining at a cafe in Tampines Mall yesterday evening (Dec 16) at around 6.15pm.

When they informed the staff about it, they were told that the plastic was a "noodle that had been overcooked until it turned transparent and hardened."

Dave told Stomp in a phone interview:

"My wife and I went to The Old Malaya Cafe at Tampines Mall to have our dinner. We had one plate of 'Pontian Wanton Mee' and one plate of 'Hor Fun Egg Gravy'.

"Upon the Hor Fun being served, I noticed that there was a piece of shining thing in the Hor Fun. I took a closer look and realised it was a piece of plastic.

"My wife took the whole plate to the counter and asked the manager if it was a piece of plastic.

"She replied that it was just an overcooked Hor Fun noodle which had become hardened and transparent.

"My wife took the plate of Hor Fun back. We took the piece of 'overcooked Hor Fun' and wiped it with tissue and it was indeed a piece of plastic.

"I took the plate of 'Hor Fun Egg Gravy' back to the manager and said, 'Since you say this is just a piece of overcooked Hor Fun, then help me pack the whole thing including this piece.'

"She did help to pack into a transparent plastic bag. When she returned with the packed Hor Fun, I opened it up and checked if she had packed everything in, but the piece of plastic was gone.

"Immediately, I asked the manger where the piece of plastic was. She insisted that it had been packed together. Since she insisted so, I requested for her to find the plastic in the 'Hor Fun'.

"Only then did she apologise and said the kitchen might have overlooked it. She then replaced my food with a new plate of Hor Fun.

"Why did she need to throw the overcooked Hor Fun away if it was not a piece of plastic?"

Dave feels that it would not have been so bad if the cafe had just admitted their mistake from the start.

He added that he has also lodged a report with the National Environment Agency (NEA) immediately after the incident.