Do you know a Soh Sor Hoon? Her dying father is looking for her to seek forgiveness 

Submitted by Stomper CL and Choo Ng

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A dying father is looking for his long-lost daughter to apologise for giving her away when she was born.

Her sister, Lee Choo Ng, said her father gave her youngest sister away when she was an infant because of the family's poor financial situation. 

She said:

"My father was a gambler and he borrowed money from a loanshark.

"When my sister was born, my parents gave her to an aunt who had no children because they did not have the means of taking care of her.

"She would visit us every Chinese New Year, but stopped when she made her IC in Primary Six.

"She didn't even visit when our mother was warded in the Intensive Care Unit after a serious accident.

"My father is 77 years old this year and he has high blood pressure, a weak kidney, diabetes, and is anemic. He also has gangrene in his right foot.

"We are not going to amputate it because doctors said he has a high risk of dying during surgery.

"My father's final wish is to make amends with my sister."

In a Facebook post posted on Tuesday (Mar 7), Choo Ng appealed for help to locate her long-lost sister, who is believed to be around 46 years old this year, and was last employed at one of the local polytechnics.

The Facebook post said:

"Need her to come back and acknowledge her biological father.

"Wish that she will forgive what my parents had done 46 years ago due to no choice situation."

If you have any information about Soh Sor Hoon, please email or WhatsApp 9384 3761.