Girl looking for dad who allegedly ran away with another woman and left family in debt

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A Stomper was scrolling through the ‘looking for’ page on Carousell yesterday (Sep 28) at around 12.50pm when she came across an unusual listing.

Uploaded at around 12.30pm on the same day, this user was looking for her missing father, and had explained her family’s current situation in the description of the listing.

Her dad had apparently run away with another woman, leaving the family in debt with various banks and credit card companies -- and they have all been harassing the family on a daily basis ever since.

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With an ailing mother and unhelpful relatives, the user and her sisters have no choice but to work multiple jobs.

Upon learning about their predicament, the Stomper decided to highlight the Carousell listening in hopes of helping the family get more attention from members of the public.

"This kind of problem is quite common, but I also feel it’s very irresponsible of the father," said the Stomper.