Family looking for dead man's ex-wife to pay her last respects

Submitted by Stomper Ken

Stomper Ken shared with the Stomp Team how his recently deceased friend's family wishes for the departed's ex-wife to pay her last respects.

Said the Stomper:

"Zhou Cheng (the deceased) and I, we were classmates in Serangoon Gardens Secondary School.

"When I went for the wake yesterday, Zhou Cheng's brother asked me to spread the word about finding the ex-wife.

"The funeral will be held today (Dec 14), 7.15pm, at Mandai Hall 4."

Ken also shared two newspaper articles about the deceased.

According to photos of the articles in the gallery above, Zhou Cheng was a 41-year-old man who sold tissue for a living.

He passed away on the morning of Dec 12 due to advanced cancer.

The article also states that Zhou Cheng had divorced his wife in 2011. 

In one of the articles, Zhou Cheng's brother told the reporter: 

"I hope that my brother's ex-wife will come to send him off.

"And since he (has passed away), I do hope that she will leave the past behind and not bear anymore grudges."