Youths seen posing and taking photos dangerously close to edge of roof at Punggol building

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper was cycling near Punggol MRT Station yesterday (Jan 21) when she noticed two figures standing precariously close to the edge on the roof of a building nearby.

According to the Stomper, they turned out to be two male youths posing and taking photos there.

"They had climbed over some railing or barrier to take photos on the edge of the building," she said.

"It's crazy how kids nowadays are willing to do all this for the sake of a photo."

The Stomper noted how this has become a trend among youths.

"They should be more aware of their surroundings instead of climbing around like this."

In December last year, a local photographer publicly slammed Instagrammers for putting themselves and their models in dangerous situations for the "perfect" photo.

Last September, a parkour enthusiast who filmed and posted a video of himself and his friends scaling the glass roof of Eastpoint Mall got into hot water with East Coast-Fengshan Town Council