Parkour enthusiast who scaled Eastpoint Mall roof deeply regrets his actions, police report lodged

A parkour enthusiast who filmed and posted a video of himself and his friends scaling the glass roof of Eastpoint Mall and walking on top of the railings of a Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) flyover has said that he deeply regrets his actions.

Koh Chen Pin, 23, had posted the video on Facebook and YouTube on Aug 16.

One of them can also be seen swinging from bars to cross a two-storey-high shelter between two HDB blocks.

The videos have since been taken down.

Chen Pin, who goes by alias Denester and whose Facebook page has more than 42,000 followers and likes, told The Straits Times on Sep 2 that he was remorseful.

"I'm aware that some activities seen in the video are inappropriate and I deeply regret my actions," he said.

The police have confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

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