Youth posts video of friend speeding at up to 180kmh on expressway

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A youth posted a video of his friend driving at speeds of up to 180kmh along an expressway.

Stomper Anonymous alerted Stomp to the video that was posted on Instagram Stories.

It is unclear when or where this happened but in the video, road signs indicate that the driver was travelling along a Singapore expressway.

In the video, the youth is heard laughing and cheering his friend on as the speedometer creeps up from 140kmh to 180kmh. The speed limit on Singapore expressways is 90kmh.

In a caption, he calls his friend "crazy" in Malay.

This is not the first time Instagrammers have posted videos of themselves or others racing or speeding along Singapore roads.

In December last year, a video surfaced of friends racing each other along a road.

Stomp reported on two other incidents that happened earlier last year where drivers went over the speed limit and posted the evidence on social media.