Driver records himself going Fast & Furious at 210kmh

Submitted by Stomper Mr Tan

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A driver apparently thought it was a smart idea to post an Instagram story of him speeding down a Singapore expressway.

Stomper Mr Tan alerted Stomp to the video that was posted in SG Road Vigilante's Facebook group. The recording of the Instagram story appears to originally have been uploaded by Facebook user Fatty JJ.

It is unclear when or where this happened but in the video, road signs indicate that the driver was travelling along a Singapore expressway.

In the video, the camera is focused on the car's speedometer as it creeps up from 137kmh to a maximum speed of 210kmh. The speed limit on Singapore expressways is 90kmh.

Netizens have ridiculed the driver for "pawning" himself by posting evidence of him breaking the speed limit.







In a similar incident in July this year, a driver was caught on camera travelling at 192kmh while his female passenger took a video of him and egged him on.