Yishun resident opens up his home to all delivery riders in need of rest or shelter from rain

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You might have come across poignant photos of delivery personnel slogging it out despite the heavy downpour.


Remember that when u order delivery, someone is going through a rough time to do your delivery, a little tips for them will help

Posted by Dougles Chan on Monday, 23 November 2020


More recently, a picture of a barefooted GrabFood deliveryman carrying food orders in the pouring rain tugged at the heartstrings of netizens.

The photo, posted on Tuesday (Nov 24), has garnered almost 2,000 likes and over 8,000 shares as well as sparked a discussion on the hardships that delivery riders go through.

It is understanding these hardships that prompted Mr Priveen Raj Naidu's kind offer of opening up his home to deliverymen in need of a helping hand.

Dear friends do share this on your wall please. U don’t have to like or comment. Just share can? ***TO ALL GRAB...

Posted by Priveen Raj on Saturday, 21 November 2020


In a Facebook post directed at all delivery personnel on Sunday (Nov 22), Mr Priveen said: "It’s the rainy season but we know deliveries still need to be made.

"If you are in the Yishun area and you need a hot drink, a towel to dry up in case you got caught in the rain or just a place to wait the rain out, please feel free to drop by our place. We will share what we have.

"Please be safe and thank you for bringing us our hot food and groceries."

When contacted by Stomp, the resident at Block 318A Yishun Avenue 9 shared what inspired him to put up the heartwarming post.

"It has been raining heavily in the past couple weeks. One evening, I was sitting by my window and having a hot cup of coffee while waiting for something I had ordered through the Foodpanda app," recounted Mr Priveen, a 42-year-old branding strategist.

"It was at this point that I noticed a GrabFood rider, wearing a poncho and struggling to cycle as the heavy rain poured down.

"As cliché as it sounds, it was this image that made me realise the tough job these riders have undertaken. I also noticed them being totally drenched and going underappreciated.

"And to think about how they just ride out their shifts drenched made me cringe. No one deserves that. And definitely not in my country."

Mr Priveen, who uses delivery services "a couple of times a day at least", said he makes it a point to tell deliverymen to ring his doorbell upon arrival.

He explained: "I feel that it my duty to express my appreciation. I offer every delivery chap a drink, and where possible, a token of small cash appreciation.

"Sometimes for those whom I notice riding motorbikes or bicycles, I even ask if they would like to use the toilet or sit down for a bit. And of course, when they are drenched, I offer them a towel and a hot beverage.

"Sadly, my experience has proven to me that this doesn't happen very often. My offer is usually received with surprise lasting a couple of seconds, which eventually turns into a smile.

"It is obvious that not many have encountered such gestures. A handful of them have taken up the towel or hot beverage offer, and we chat about the day.

"Can you imagine, if every household thought a little more about the people who delivered their items and food, we can all make a difference?

"Our delivery chaps deserve as much appreciation as the rest of the other frontline workers.

"Times are tough, and if we can't do anything for these guys, the least we can do is show our appreciation for what they do. Everyone matters. Everyone."

Mr Priveen told Stomp said that while his Facebook post has been "shared a little", he wishes it can get more attention and traction so that it can reach those in need.

He also said that his offer still stands, adding: "Again, to all our brothers and sisters who are making deliveries, if any of you need a spot to rest up, sip on a hot cup of beverage or a towel to dry up, ring our doorbell. Anytime."