Boss transforms Tuas dorm into 'grand palace' for Deepavali to cheer workers up during Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit migrant workers in Singapore hard, and safe distancing measures putting a halt to their annual Deepavali celebrations has only further dampened their spirits.

Hoping to boost their morale and cheer them up, the dormitory operator of Tuas View Square prepared a sweet surprise for workers residing there.

Stomper Janet, who was appointed by her boss Joey to take care of the workers' well-being, shared how the dormitory at Tuas View Square has been decorated in lieu of the upcoming weekend's Deepavali celebration.

Janet was touched by her employer's gesture when she saw the decorations on Thursday (Nov 5) and shared photos with Stomp.

The photos show the hallways adorned with festive-coloured curtains, and fairy lights can be seen hanging above the entrance to the dormitory.

"The morale in the dormitory has been extremely low due to Covid-19 and was especially low during the circuit breaker period," Janet shared.

"Sometimes, the workers would cry because this period is tough for them.

"So, since my boss runs the dormitory, she decided to arrange for Deepavali decorations to be put up to boost everyone's mood.

"It was a surprise for the workers. They returned to the dormitory after a hard day at work and was shocked to see the whole place decorated like a grand palace.

"Everyone was smiling! Immediately after settling down and showering, the workers started taking photos and videos of the place.

"Some of them even video-called their family to show them the decorations.

"It was a heartwarming scene and it made me so happy."

Janet also shared that Muniasami, their housekeeper who is in charge of keeping the dormitory clean, was excited to see the place being spruced up for Deepavali.

(Photo of Muniasami with the Deepavali decorations)

"Usually, my boss will book a restaurant for the workers so they can celebrate Deepavali," Janet added.

"But due to Covid-19 this year, she couldn't do that. So she came up with the plan to decorate the place and order restaurant food to the dormitory so they can have a mini Deepavali celebration.

"The workers were so touched by my boss' actions. I mean, they still definitely miss home, but this just makes them feel a little happier."

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