Yishun resident frustrated after lift is shut down for upgrading, TC says other lifts are operational

Submitted by Stomper Foo

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Yishun resident's initial enthusiasm for the lift enhancement programme (LEP) at his block has turned into frustration because of the inconvenience.

Stomper Foo told Stomp that the LEP at Block 868 Yishun Street 81 was expected to bring positive changes.

"However, the residents' enthusiasm waned when they realised the lifts had been shut down for about a week without any sign of workers engaging in the project," he said.

"This puzzling decision has left them frustrated.

"The resident demographic at the block includes individuals such as the elderly who rely on wheelchairs, food stall owners burdened with daily transportation of heavy items from the third storey, and even a household on the second floor in the process of moving.

"The situation has caused significant inconvenience and concern.

"The residents kindly request that the management provide an explanation regarding the rationale behind the lift's shutdown during a time when no maintenance work is taking place.

"Additionally, they would greatly appreciate the management's thoughtful consideration of the residents' welfare in making their decisions."

In response to a Stomp query, Nee Soon Town Council addressed the temporary shutdown of lifts for the LEP at Block 868.

"The Town Council ensures there are alternative lift options available to residents to use," a town council spokesman said.

"Other lifts remain operational for residents living in the block.

"During the LEP, the lifts are temporarily shut down to conduct enhancement works.

"This includes the upgrading of safety features and lift controls to ensure that they comply with the standards set out by the BCA. 

"The enhancement works might not seem visible to residents as most of the works are conducted backend in the lift motor room.

"Due to strict safety measures, the Town Council is not permitted to operate the lifts until all the necessary checks have been conducted.

"The Town Council also provides free ambulance services to residents with mobility issues, to ensure that they can access essential services without hindrance during LEP works.

"We informed residents of this service via posters on notice boards before LEP works started.

"This service is available upon request, and residents in need can call the Town Council for assistance.

"We want to assure residents that the Town Council is working closely with the contractors to complete the project as efficiently as possible.

"The end goal is to provide an improved and safer lift experience for everyone residing at the block.

"Hence, we seek our residents’ patience and understanding during this upgrading process."