Elderly man stuck in lift for half hour at Bukit Timah hawker centre, takes stairs after doors open

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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He could be seen on the CCTV monitor.

An elderly man was reportedly stuck in a lift for about half an hour at Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre on Tuesday afternoon (May 2).

Stomper Raven shared a video of the incident he said took place at around 3.30pm when he and his family were having a drink there.

"I do understand how it feels like, the frustration of getting caught in this situation," said the Stomper.

"I didn't notice anything at first, thinking that two people were just waiting for the lift that had just gone up.

"But it turned out to be out of service. I thought the lift was under maintenance – until I hear a bell sound coming from the lift.

"Then I realised someone was trapped inside the lift."

The Stomper overheard that the elderly man, who can be seen on the CCTV monitor outside the lift, had been stuck inside for about half an hour. Someone had already called for help.

The elderly man's face had turned pale and he looked like he was about to faint, said the Stomper.

"Our hearts and prayers went out to him. I could imagine what the feeling was like when you were trapped alone inside feeling scared and helpless, unsure when you were going to get out."

Eventually, help arrived and the lift doors opened.

"Finally, at last," said the Stomper. "He was free! Freedom is here. Thank goodness.

"He took the stairs up. I could see he was completely exhausted. Do get well soon."