Condo resident with leg injury can't go for medical appointment due to lifts constantly not working

Submitted by Stomper Calvin, Lee

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Residents were forced to use the stairs at a 15-storey condominium in Pasir Ris due to frequent lift breakdowns.

But what if you are unable to walk?

Stomper Lee said the lifts at tower seven of Whitewater condo in Pasir Ris Street 72 had not been working properly since July 19.

"There are two lifts for that tower, one under renovation and another faulty," he said.

"Residents of that tower have been taking the stairs since then. The condo is 15th storey high. How can people climb the stairs for their daily routine?"

Lee said the condo management has not provided any update on when the lifts would start operating.

"The residents can't do anything. Do people still need to pay the maintenance fee for such inconvenience?" he asked.

Another resident first highlighted the problem to Stomp in February.

Stomper Calvin said then: "There is a condo in the east called Whitewater that has been experiencing frequent lift breakdowns across its seven blocks.

"There are two lifts for each block and it is not uncommon for one to be permanently non-operational. Since last year, there have been complaints from the residents that both lifts have broken down at the same time, resulting in residents having to climb their way up the stairs to reach their units."

"Residents have paid a premium to live in a private estate," said the Stomper.

"But the inconvenience due to frequent lift breakdowns with slow response from the managing agent/committee has made a lot of residents unhappy."

The Stomper provided an update last month. "To date, no improvement can be seen," he said.

"Both lifts in tower seven have been down and residents have had to contend with climbing the stairs daily until the new lift is installed. The condo is in the midst of upgrading the lifts."

One resident messaged the condo management on July 23 that his mother had fractured her left knee in a fall and could not go for a medical appointment due to the lift breakdown as they live on the 15th storey.

Calvin described the case as "the most sad and unfortunate one I have seen".

The Stomper said: "By sharing this, I hope more people can be aware that living on private property does not necessarily translate to a better quality of life.

"More importantly, I hope the relevant authorities can also take action as there are quite a few safety concerns that might need to be addressed."

Stomp has contacted the Whitewater condo management for more info.