Yishun family removes meat hung at laundry rack after visit from town council

Submitted by Stomper David

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Nee Soon Town Council has asked a family in Yishun to refrain from hanging meat at their laundry rack following feedback from their neighbour downstairs.

Stomper David, a resident at Block 148 Yishun Street 11, saw the meat at around 6pm on Monday (Mar 2).

He told Stomp: "I noticed a very bad smell in my kitchen after taking a shower and coming out of the toilet. The foul odour filled my whole kitchen.

"I happened to look outside my kitchen window and saw that my neighbour upstairs had hung raw pork meat on the bamboo pole.

"I called and informed the town council, and a representative came by."

David, who has been living here for over 30 years, said it is his first time encountering something like this with his neighbour.

He added: "This is totally inappropriate especially since we live in a multicultural society. There is also the current situation with the coronavirus going around."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Nee Soon Town Council confirmed that the case was brought to its attention on Monday.

The spokesman said: "The town council visited the unit involved and advised the family to refrain from hanging of meat at the laundry rack. They acknowledged and removed the item.

"Our team also conducted a spot check the next day to ensure on the compliance.

"In view of public health and hygiene, we would also like to take the chance to remind residents not to hang any food items on the laundry rack."