Woodlands resident takes things too far with bamboo poles -- literally

Submitted by Stomper Cynthia

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Too much laundry? Some residents clutter up their corridor with clothes while others air them at public spaces such as fitness corners and playgrounds.

This resident at Woodlands Drive 72, however, took things up a notch by using multiple bamboo poles to create a "fan-shaped" formation.

Stomper Cynthia had been attending a wake at Block 796 on Sunday (Nov 18) when she spotted the worrying sight at the opposite block.

She said: "I'm not sure of the exact block but it should be on the 11th floor.

"I was at a wake and took photos from the third floor of Block 796 at around 5.45pm.

"This is really unsafe and worrying."

Photos from Cynthia show how the resident had at least 11 bamboo poles hanging out from the window in various directions.

Stomp has reached out to the relevant authorities for comment.