Woman vomits while eating lunch with uncooked meat from Yishun stall: 'I have a phobia of pork now'

Submitted by Stomper Jing

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A woman was so disgusted after finding uncooked pork in her lunch from a stall in Yishun that she vomitted.

Stomper Jing said she also developed a phobia of pork afte the incident and does not dare to eat it anymore for the time being.

Jing recounted: "I dabao-ed my lunch from a fish soup stall last Tuesday (Oct 17), at around 1pm.

"I ordered their signature soup (招牌汤) and rice. I was happily enjoying my food with my TV on and had already eaten almost half of my meal when I noticed this whole batch of uncooked pork. All the meat was totally uncooked.

"It was so disgusting that I vomited all my food out. I started to have a phobia of pork after this and I don’t know how long I need to take to overcome it before I dare to eat pork again."

Photos taken by Jing show raw-looking pork slices with translucent pink parts.

The Stomper declined to share the stall's name and location, explaining: "I have reported this to the stall but I don't intend to report to the Singapore Food Agency because I'm working around there and do not want to cause so much trouble since I know the stall's workers.

"The stall apologised and gave me a refund."

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