Diner gets 'smelly and slimy' fish soup -- and says Ang Mo Kio stall vendor was just as nasty

Submitted by Stomper Ang

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A diner was left disgusted after digging into fish soup that turned out to be slimy and not fresh with a bad smell.

Things soured further when she went to inform the stall owner, only to be rebuffed.

Stomper Ang said the incident occurred at the fish soup stall at 409 Ang Mo Kio Market And Food Centre on Tuesday (Oct 17), at around 12.30pm.

Ang recounted: "I bought a bowl of Batang fish head soup with rice for $7.10.

"The first piece of fish head was not only unfresh and slimy, it was also a little raw inside and the smell was awful. I took another piece to try and it was the same.

"I waited for the uncle to serve a lady customer and went to inform him when there were no other customers around.

"The uncle said, "You buy fish head is like that, no guarantee (it's) fresh'.

"I told him, 'Yes, that is why I am informing you that it is unfresh.'

"He replied, 'Then next time don't buy fish head.'

"I was not expecting him to refund or do an exchange for me, but he put the blame on me. It's like he's telling his customers that food being unfresh has got nothing to do with him). He was not even polite or apologetic.

"I told him 'no more next time' and left the tray with unfresh fish head at his stall for him to examine. He nastily asked me not to leave it on his table and moved it to the table in front.

"I wouldn't have ordered from the stall if I'd known. The fish was so bad that it could not be eaten at all.

"I was just letting him know that the food was not fresh and instead of acknowledging it and checking the quality, this was how he replied."

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