Chicken rice stall patron 'very, very angry' after paying $12 for 'all blood and bones'

Submitted by Stomper Rebecca

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Blood and bones?

You are probably thinking about a horror movie, but Stomper Rebecca is actually referring to her disappointing meal at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.

She visited the chicken rice stall at Gourmet Paradise food court on Monday (Oct 2), at around 8pm.

Rebecca said: "We bought chicken breast for two pax for $12, but it was all bloody chicken and bones.

"The dish was served to me nicely with skin on top, hiding the gory blood and jarring bones. Who knew, when I was about to eat, I flipped around but could NOT find any piece of chicken or proper meat that I could actually consume.

"The blood in the meat stank and it was so disgusting! There was hardly any meat at all! How to eat?

"This is really gross and unethical. We asked for breast meat but ended up with so much blood and all bones!

"It got me very, very angry. I was left with no appetite at all, see already want to vomit! Worst experience ever!

"I will not patronise this stall again and wish to warn everyone to avoid them."

Come to think of it, the meal does look and sound like a horrorfest.