Woman spares time to clean entire HDB block twice a month: 'I want to create a clean environment'

Submitted by Stomper Bhuvana

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Not many can find time to clean their entire house, much less an entire Housing Board (HDB) block.

A lady, who is a resident at Block 454 Tampines Street 42, apparently spends time to clean up the entire HDB block twice a month.

Stomper Bhuvana told Stomp about this lady and said: "She looks to be about 50 to 60 years old.

"I asked her why she was doing this and she told me that she wanted to create a clean environment. 

"She is so nice and sweet and never forgets to move our shoes away when she's cleaning the floors.

"Whenever I hear the sounds of water, I will go talk to her and help her out to make it easier for her."

Bhuvana shared photos with Stomp of the lady, who can be seen at the stairs. 

"I've seen her cleaning downstairs too and have told her that I'm very impressed with her," said Bhuvana.

She added: "I know that Singapore is a very clean country but I've never seen anyone cleaning the entire HDB block from top to bottom!"