SBS Transit bus captain earns praise for springing to help grandpa who fell while boarding bus

Netizens are praising a female bus captain who immediately left her seat to help an old man who fell while trying to board bus service 33 on Tuesday (July 16).

Facebook user Vevin Mok, who witnessed the incident, recounted what happened in a post on her page.

"An old grandpa fell while trying to board bus 33 at New Bridge Centre," she wrote.

"The lady driver immediately got out of her seat and helped the grandpa into a seat and checked his leg for any injury, checking [and] caressing the bruise and spoke so gently and cheerfully to the grandpa like she is talking to her own dad.

"Kudos to her."

SBS Transit later identified the woman as Bus Captain Lai Nyet Pin on their Facebook page.

Other netizens shared that they have often seen Ms Lai helping other elderly passengers on her route.

"I didn't witness one event, this is service from the heart," said Vevin.

She added that she thinks it is wonderful that there are such caring drivers looking out for old folks.

"I feel a lot more at ease if my parents board buses driven by such caring drivers," she said.

"So, next time if the bus is late, don't grudge or scold the driver.

"Our caring drivers may have stopped to help an elderly/wheelchair/stroller user board or disembark.

"Always spread the positive energy and value add to someone's life."