Woman on wheelchair struggles with 'jungle obstacle course' in Jurong West: Clutter cleared after warning

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Moving through a cluttered corridor at Block 906 Jurong West Street 91 is a gruelling task for a wheelchair-bound resident, who has to leave home for kidney dialysis.

Facebook user Cocoanna Christian posted a video highlighting the "daily struggle" that she endures when trying to reach the common lifts on the sixth and eighth floors of the block.

She said that she lives on the seventh floor, which has no lift access.

In her post on March 8, Cocoanna said: "Not easy as my arms get scratched by all the twigs and branches of the potted plants, or smell the stinky shoes outside the unit coz of my height while in a wheelchair.

"Has to be so careful not to fall into the corridor drain coz the space is so cramped.

"And this is why I don't go out much in the last 6 years since I gotten sick. But now I had to travel out on alternate days for blood dialysis."

She also likened the journey to an obstacle course.

The 42-year-old woman told Lianhe Wanbao: "I need dialysis three days a week and my husband is not in good health either.

"There is no lift access on the seventh floor where we live, so my husband has to move my wheelchair to the sixth floor whenever I need to go out. I will then walk downstairs and sit in the wheelchair to take the lift.

"But there is a family on the sixth floor whose potted plants have made my life very difficult."

There are over 30 potted plants along the corridor, reported Wanbao.

Cocoanna said she started using a wheelchair eight years ago when her health started to decline. A bacterial infection also caused her heart and kidneys to fail.

Although she survived the ordeal, she has to go for dialysis on alternate days. Due a loss of strength in her legs, she is only able to stand for two minutes.

Cocoanna added: "I usually try not to go out. Whenever I do, the potted plants make it fraught with difficulties."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for West Coast Town Council said: "Upon receiving the feedback on 8 March 2021 from Ms Cityruth Cocoanna Christian regarding the potted plants obstructing the common corridor, our staff visited the said unit to advise them to reduce the number of potted plants.

"The staff then informed Ms Cityruth Cocoanna Christian on the matter.

"A follow-up visit made to site by the staff found that the advice was unheeded.

"A written warning was issued.

"In response to the written warning, the lessee who had previously cited their busy schedule, agreed to clear (the items) by Monday (March 22).

"From our latest check, the site was indeed cleared. We are glad that the issue has been settled amicably."