Woman leaves dog poo covered with newspaper at Yishun, town council monitoring situation

Submitted by Stomper Rouk

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Nee Soon Town Council has responded to an incident where a woman was caught on video simply covering her dog's faeces with newspapers and leaving the area without disposing of it properly.

Stomper Rouk alerted Stomp to the situation and said that this is not the first time this woman has done this at the same grass patch near Block 671A Yishun Avenue 4.

"On May 23, I was standing by my window when I saw this particular lady and her dog at this grass patch which is apparently their favourite spot.

"My wife had told me about them before.

"She would bring her dog to the grass to defecate but what is wrong about this is, the lady won't even clear it!

"Instead, she will put newspaper on the dog poo and quickly escape with her dog from the crime scene."

In a video taken by the Stomper on May 23, the woman is seen waiting for her dog to finish its business before covering it with newspaper and walking away from the scene.

Rouk also shared a photo taken on May 27 of newspaper strewn all over the grass patch.

"This lady needs to be aware of her wrongdoings," he said.

The woman was seen doing the same thing again on May 31 at about 5.55pm.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from Nee Soon Town Council said: "This is the first time Town Council is alerted to similar feedback.

"Upon hearing this, we have deployed our cleaning staff to check and clean up the mentioned area.

"We have also put up a poster at the block to remind residents on proper disposal of pet faeces.

"Town Council will also monitor this situation. 

"We would also like to seek residents' cooperation to help upkeep the estate cleanliness, especially during this period so that our cleaners can focus on essential works."