Bukit Timah pavement dotted with dog poop -- that becomes even bigger mess

Submitted by Stomper Simon

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There are plenty of reasons why pet owners are encouraged to clean up after their animals in public spaces.

For one, it is to prevent what is already a disgusting mess turning into an even bigger muck, like what happened in this case.

Stomper Simon noticed numerous dog faeces littering a pavement along Bukit Timah Road on Apr 13.

The following day (Apr 14), he realised that the dog poop had been stepped on and was staining the pathway.

Said the Stomper:

"I was walking home at about 10.50pm along Bukit Timah Road when I stumbled across a pavement covered in dog poop.

"The dog owner didn't even bother to pick it up and just left it right in the middle of a pavement.

"The next morning, I noticed that it had been stepped on. Very inconsiderate."

So pet owners, please think of other people and clean up after your animals!