Woman irked by cigarette butts and packets strewn on ground outside ACE The Place CC

Submitted by Stomper Priscilla

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Stomper Priscilla was frustrated at the sight of several cigarette butts and packets that were left on the ground outside ACE The Place Community Club (CC) this morning (Feb 20).

According to the Stomper, the spot is a haven for smokers and popular among those who frequent the gaming premises in the CC.

"I would like to share that smokers gather around ACE The Place premises and smoke blatantly, discarding their used cigarette butts and packets," she said.

"It is more rampant during events like weddings and functions when groups of people gather around and smoke there with no regard for children who attend the child care centre located within the CC.

"There used to be a handwritten sign hung on a nearby tree which had the no smoking sign.

"Can't the CC put up proper signs prohibiting smoking on the premises?"