Gross! Several soiled sanitary pads thrown from kitchen window at Blk 313 Hougang Ave 5

Submitted by Stomper J

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We have seen items like rice cookers and chairs being thrown out of windows before, but what this woman throws out of her kitchen window may leave you feeling a little bit... disgusted.

Stomper J alerted us to a woman staying in his block who he often sees throwing sanitary pads out of her kitchen window.

The incidents took place at the Stomper's block, Block 313 Hougang Avenue 5.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper describes the woman as an old lady believed to be staying on the 2nd floor.

The first instance of the woman throwing down the pads was in April last year and since then he has witnessed her throwing down many other items out of her window on a daily basis.

"One time, I even saw her throwing water from the pail out the kitchen window," added J.