Woman handles 2m-long python on Brazilian highway 'like a potato', saves it from becoming roadkill

A video of a Brazilian woman who picked up a massive 2m-long python on a highway, in order to save it from being run over by vehicles recently went viral overnight.

The video which was reportedly shot on a highway in Guaratiba, Brazil, was posted on JunkinVideo's Facebook page on July 11, garnering over 510,000 views, and 1,280 shares in just two days, reports The Coverage

In the video, the woman approached the massive snake which was slithering across the road without any protective gear.

She then grabbed the head of the serpent and lifted it up.

The snake started struggling and coiled around her left hand.

The woman subsequently walked off with the snake hauled over her shoulders.

It is unclear what happened after. 

Many netizens have praised the woman for her courage and kindness towards the reptile.

One even suggested that the woman was familiar handling snakes:

"She did an act of kindness and obviously, she is familiar with snakes.

"She saved it from getting run over."