Chinese trucker finds elderly man walking alone on the highway at night, offers him a ride

A Chinese truck driver in Hong Kong won the adoration of netizens for giving an 80-year-old man a ride after spotting him walking down a highway alone in the middle of the night. 

The trucker, Wong Tsz-hong wrote on his Facebook page that he had been driving on Tsuen Wan Road on Monday (May 22) at around 3am when he encountered the old man walking in front of his vehicle, reports Coconuts Hong Kong

After driving behind the old man for a while, he approached the elderly man to offer assistance.

Wong wrote in his post:

“It turns out that the grandpa was trying to get home to Lei Muk Shue Estate in Kwai Chung.

“He had originally tried taking a cab home but the driver dropped him at Texaco Road in Tsuen Wan instead.

“After realising the mistake, the older man decided to walk the remaining 10.6km home as he did not have enough cash left on him to pay for another taxi.”

Wong added that the elderly man did not want his help at first, as he did not want to inconvenience him, but ultimately gave in when Wong told him that it would only take him about 10mins to drive him home.

Upon reaching the destination, the kind trucker also checked with a security guard that the old man was really a resident before heading off, despite saying that the elderly passenger was ‘lucid’. 

Said Wong:

“It’s so simple just to ask.

“There are cases of old people missing being reported every day.

“It could have been him!” 

Wong who has been been a trucker for seven years commented that he has seen his share of ‘worrisome things’ at night:

“Cyclists and old people are out on the highways a lot. 

“It’s easy for us in our big vehicles to overlook them… 

“Next time you see something that doesn’t seem right, stop and check. 

“You could save someone’s life.”

His comments became viral on social media, and netizens praised him for his kindness.