Grab driver gets back misplaced wallet in 1 hour -- thanks to kind man and dad

Submitted by Stomper Lindy

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Stomper Lindy wished to thank a kind man and his father who returned the wallet she had misplaced yesterday (July 8).

Lindy, a Grab driver, was at Geylang Serai at about 2.30pm and stopped for a quick bite after eight hours of driving as she had not had any breakfast or lunch.

While eating some Goreng Pisang at a coffeeshop, she placed her wallet under her leg but forgot about it when she received a Grab booking request.

She did not notice that her wallet was missing until after completing a few trips when a kind young man by the name of Farhad called her.

Lindy said that she had a Toyota workshop receipt in her wallet, which allowed Farhad to find her information and contact her.

She subsequently went to his home at Tampines Avenue 4 and got her wallet back at 3.30pm the same day.

Lindy was full of praise for Farhad, whom she feels is helpful and cheerful despite being handicapped in his right arm.

"I am so glad that I met this nice young angel," said Lindy.

"Please spread this news to everyone so that we can have more kind souls to help one another.

"A million thanks to Farhad and his dad! 

"Without his kindness for returning my wallet, all my important cards will be misplaced."