Woman finds worm floating in her tau suan from dessert stall

Submitted by Stomper Yat

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Stomper Yat found a worm in her tau suan, which she bought from a dessert stall from a food court at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre on Nov 17.

She bought the dessert during her lunch break at 11am that day, but could not eat it immediately as she had to return back to work.

The dessert was packed in a plastic container.

At about 3pm, she removed the plastic lid of the container, excited to eat her food.

As she was stirring the dessert, she saw something odd floating in it.

"I saw something in my soup that looked like it did not belong there.

"I scooped it up with my spoon to have a closer look, and saw that it was a worm."

She immediately stopped eating her food.

On Nov 19, she went to the food court to tell the manager what had happened.

"The manager brought me to the shop owner, who apologised and insisted that I take a fresh container of dessert," said Yat.

She did not eat the dessert.