Woman falls ill after eating mala swimming in oil, can't get refund as symptoms came after 12 hours

Submitted by Stomper G

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Despite requesting less oil in her mala xiangguo meal, a woman received food swimming in a pool of grease.

Stomper G said she used GrabFood's self-pickup option to order medium-spicy mala from Bagus food court at Northpoint City on July 27, at around 7.05pm.

She recounted: "I have been a fan of mala and after not eating it for a long time, I decided to buy mala from near my house.

"I specifically stated 'LESS OIL 少油' and even provided a translation for them so that they do not add too much oil.

"After picking up my food and going home to consume it, I found the food submerged in a pool of oil, to the extent where it was inedible. Are they blind or illiterate for not seeing my request for less oil?

"After consuming a quarter of the meal, I had to throw the remaining away as it was too oily to be edible and had to buy other food to fill my tummy.

"The next day, I developed a sore throat. Cough and a runny nose gradually ensued. I decided to contact GrabFood for a refund.

"To my horror, GrabFood simply rejected my request as I did not report the issue within 12 hours. However, I had yet to develop any symptoms within 12 hours of consumption and they did not explicitly specify this requirement."

G also felt that GrabFood's response to her predicament was "simply unapologetic".

The Stomper added: "Both GrabFood and the mala stall are horrendous in the way they deal with things. They are totally ignorant about what happens after you consume the food.

"I will NOT buy from this stall ever again."

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