GrabFood issues customer refund after she finds mosquito in her salted egg pasta

Submitted by Stomper Mrs Han

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GrabFood issued a refund to a customer who found an unexpected extra ingredient in her salted egg pasta.

Stomper Mrs Han told Stomp she ordered fried chicken chop with salted egg spaghetti from Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop at Jalan Kayu on Monday (May 1) for dinner.

"I ordered GrabFood but to my astonishment, my food came with an extra ingredient," she said.

"I took a closer look and it looked like a mosquito.

"I have always patronised this eatery but today was a nightmare.

"My dinner turned disgusting.

"Before I found this mosquito beneath the pasta, I had already consumed a bit and today's salted egg was bland so I went on to mix the spaghetti only to find this surprise."

Mrs Han then contacted the restaurant directly via WhatsApp.

They apologised and offered her a replacement but asked her to collect it herself due to a lack of manpower.

"I already had a long day and this happened to my only dinner," she said.

"I didn't even want to eat after that because it simply spoiled my mood."

She also reached out to Grab and was offered a refund for the dish which cost $11.40.

"I am not even sure if I would continue to patronise this stall again," she said.