Grab bans delivery rider who threw food order outside customer's home: 'Felt like smacking him'

Very "suey" indeed.

Grab has banned a delivery rider from its platform after he threw a McDonald's order outside the customer's home.

Asher Ashvin, who was the customer, posted on social media on Friday (June 30) about the "very, very, very bad experience".

A video he shared showed the McDonald's paper bags torn, the drinks spilled and a plastic bag on the ground.

Very very very bad experience with THIS PARTICULAR Grab Food delivery rider. Felt like smacking him for the way he...

Posted by Asher Ashvin on Thursday, June 29, 2023

He had ordered from the Serangoon Avenue 3 outlet the night before.

"Almost immediately, the rider texted me and said it was too far for him," recounted Asher.

In the screenshots he shared of the convo between him and the rider, the rider said Asher's address was too far, but the rider could not cancel the order as he was on "auto accept".

"And so happens that I kena your order. Very suey (unlucky)," said the rider.

Asher said: "The rider eventually took the order and proceeded to deliver to my place.

"I heard the footsteps approaching and proceeded to open my door when I heard the rider literally throw our food onto our shoe cabinet outside.

"Everything was in a mess and one look at it, you know it's done out of spite."

He added: "Felt like smacking him for the way he treated the food that was meant to be eaten. In the end, cannot eat at all. If you don’t like your job, please find another."

Grab replied to his post on Instagram: "We deeply regret the misbehavior of the rider, and we want to assure you that such conduct is not tolerated on our platform. Could you DM us the booking ID and your phone number so we can look into this? Thanks."

Asher later commented on his own post: "So Grab got back to me and apologised, escalated the issue to their higher authority. Someone from that team reached out to me and updated – apparently the rider has had previous complaints, so they have banned him effectively from today."

In response to a Stomp query, Grab said: "The delivery-partner has been banned from our platform following a thorough investigation."