Customer allegedly threatens to 'whack' GrabFood rider and trash his e-bike after drinks are spilled

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A GrabFood rider alleged that a customer threatened him after two of the five Gong Cha drinks he delivered were spilled.

The Stomper, who was the rider, told Stomp it happened on July 2 around 8pm.

He also shared what happened in the Facebook group "All Grab driver/GrabFood rider united".

The Stomper wrote: "After a spillage, I met the customer at the rubbish chute under his block. I apologised to the customer plenty of times and followed Grab procedures."

But the customer refused to contact Grab customer service for a refund and insisted that the Stomper return to the Gong Cha outlet at Lot One Shoppers' Mall in Choa Chu Kang to buy new drinks to replace the spilled ones.

"He was preparing to whack me based on his actions. He told me he would throw my e-bike into the bin – his way of saying he would destroy my e-bike on the spot... I offered to pay him to order again but he refused. He die die wanted me to go back to the merchant.

"On the hand, I got one more order to complete and two incoming orders which were far away. So I was thinking whether I should listen to him by buying his drinks back, but his way of talking was very, very duper super rude.

"The customer who wanted to whack me told me he used to be a delivery food rider before and whenever he had spillage, he would buy the food/drink back for the customer.

"I was very scared at that point of time. I was scared no evidence could capture that I 'kena' whacked or my e-bike was destroyed because it was at a rubbish chute at a new BTO in Teck Whye even though I was on the call with the Grab customer service...

"Therefore, I just anyhow agreed to buy back.

"In the end, I delivered the second order and consulted my friend... My friend told me just call 999 immediately. Hence, I did."

He added that he requested that Grab ban the customer so the customer could not "terrorise" riders in the future.

On July 4, the Stomper updated that the customer was banned by Grab after admitting to what happened.

Stomp has contacted Grab for more info.