Woman disappointed that manicure shop at Far East Plaza with excellent service and hygiene will be closing soon

Submitted by Stomper Adeline

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Stomper Adeline wanted to share her heartfelt appreciation to Manicure Empire at Far East Plaza for their stellar service and excellent level of hygiene.

Adeline, who is a huge fan of getting manicures and pedicures, was downhearted after she suffered a serious fungal infection last May.

She had been alerted to the infection by her manicurist at the time and was advised to seek immediate treatment.

"The fungal treatments are expensive and need to be done on a regular basis," said the Stomper.

She began seeking medical treatment from a clinic and was horrified when her doctor told her that she had to stop going for pedicures as there is a high chance that the fungal infection was caught when she had gone for a prior pedicure appointment.

"The Doctor explained to me that the basin used by manicure shops for soaking feet are easily contaminated and thus can pass on to the next user," said Adeline.

"The tools used are sterilised and I had noticed my manicurists would usually spray them with alcohol but never did I expect that the basin used for soaking feet are supposed to be sterilised as well!"

Since then, she has stopped going for manicure and pedicure appointments, leaving her packages unused.

However, during Christmas last year, she chanced upon Manicure Empire, a small manicure shop at Far East Plaza and was impressed by their hygiene practices.

"I did not expect them to use disposable plastic bags for the foot soak!

"It was an ingenious idea I thought."

She accompanied a friend and observed how the manicurist used hand sanitiser to sterilise her hands before putting on gloves to start the service.

"I was impressed so I questioned the staff on how they sterilised their equipment.

"They patiently explained to me that the bosses of this small shop put in effort to purchase hand sanitizer and even disposable bags and towels for pedicure services and foot spa services.

"Also this small shop is equipped with a UV lamp at the counter to sterilise the tools they use for service.

"The staff also mentioned that the bosses are strict on their hygiene level, even when serving one customer doing both a manicure and a pedicure, they have to change the gloves and sanitise between each treatment."

"With this level of service, I regained my confidence in getting my manicure and pedicure done again!

"Ever since then, I have become a regular and frequent customer to this small manicure shop.

"I have also never contracted any fungal infections during my visits to this shop."

Unfortunately, during her last visit this month, she heard that the shop's bosses would be closing it soon as they have an overseas business commitment and cannot stay in Singapore anymore.

"They have been trying to find a buyer with the same ideology and concept.

"However, most buyers just want to buy for monetary gains.

"It's very hard to come across such passionate people operating their business in serving and having detailed thoughts for customers in every sense.

"I am really very saddened by the news and wish to share my experience with everyone here.

"Having such a hygienic and value for money manicure experience with great service provided by the staff is going into history soon.

"Taking hygiene into consideration takes additional cost and their objectives are to benefit more customers with a cost-friendly menu.

"Honestly, their services are cheap and value for money! The amount I spend here is almost the same as having your manicure and pedicure done in Johor Bahru!

"I sincerely hope this shop will continue on. It's really hard to come by."