Aww! McDonald's Khatib crew member makes Stomper's day with sweet note

Submitted by Stomper Eric

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

When Stomper Eric received his McDelivery order last night (Apr 29), he was surprised at a note that came with his food.

When Eric had made his order online, he added a playful remark after requesting for more condiments: "If not I will cry."

When he read the note, it said: "Don't cry ok?" with a smiley drawn on it.

"After seeing this small note, it brought a smile to my face," said Eric.

He then called up McDonald's Khatib at Blk 846 Yishun Ring Road and asked for the name of the service crew member who had written the note.

"Upon asking her why she wrote me the note, she replied that she did it because she hoped that I would not be disappointed," the Stomper said.

"This small gesture left me with a pleasant experience with all the service crew who are working in McDonald's Khatib, a credit to McDonald's Khatib."