Passenger has nothing but praise for bus driver who provides service with a heart

Submitted by Stomper CEO38

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper CEO38 was impressed by the impeccable service of a bus driver today (Apr 24).

She had boarded a bus service 61 at noon along North Bridge Road when she encountered him.

"He provides his service with a heart," she said.

"Not only is he polite and patient, he drives carefully as well."

The Stomper recounted how the driver waited patiently for a pregnant lady and her young daughter to board the bus and be seated before setting off.

"He even asked the lady if she is seated already," the Stomper added.

He also did the same for elderly passengers.

When a passenger asked the driver if the bus went to Bugis, the driver actually looked behind for the passenger when they were arriving Bugis to inform him that the bus would be reaching soon.

"I must say, I've not seen such excellent bus drivers for a long time now and I think he needs to be commended," said CEO 38.