Woman buys $98 water spray gun, receives just a photo of it in 'most ridiculous purchase online'

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Stomp understands that the customer has been given a refund. The seller has also been suspended from Shopee pending further investigations.

Original article:

We all hope for a perfect world but unfortunately, slight discrepancies between advertisements and the actual products are not all that uncommon.

But imagine having your purchase arrive looking vastly mismatched or even worse, in a completely different state.

Stomper Huanmin ordered a water spray gun meant for car-washing on e-commerce site Shopee on Thursday (Jan 21) and paid $98.57 for it.

She was horrified when the parcel that arrived two days later was a mere A5-sized envelope.

Huanmin recounted: "I received the parcel and to my horror, it was an A5-sized envelope. How can a car wash spray be fitted into an A5 envelope?

"I opened the parcel and saw a photo of the car wash spray. I did not receive the actual product but only a photo of it."

The Stomper said she has submitted a dispute against the order and requested for a refund, but has yet to hear any updates.

She added: "On one hand, it's funny because I actually did receive the item, but in photo form. But it's also the most ridiculous purchase ever!"