Shopper buys $66 'I PID' tablet as Christmas present, shocked to get children's toy

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Online shopping can be a risky venture, especially if you are not tech-savvy.

Stomper Anon shared how her friend had purchased a tablet for $66 from e-commerce website Shopify, only to be sorely disappointed upon receiving a children's toy instead.

Listed as a 10.1-inch "I PID", the product was described as a "tablet computer learning machine" with the Android 9.1 operating system, "*8G + 128G" and "WIFI + GPS".

The product listing is no longer available.

Anon told Stomp: "My friend saw an advertisement for the iPad via Facebook and thought of getting it as a Christmas present.

"It was $66 and he made an order on Sunday (Nov 29). After a few days on Tuesday (Dec 1), he received the parcel. When he opened it, he realised it was just a toy."

Photos and a video that Anon shared with Stomp show how the item that her friend received was an educational toy for children aged three and above.

It made sounds when pressed.

Anon added: "My friend felt very disappointed and was in disbelief that this had happened to him."

"The reason I am sharing this on Stomp is to create awareness and let everyone know that you should not always trust what you see online."

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