Man buys pancake mix but gets vanilla extract instead -- and he's not the only victim

Submitted by Stomper TomEverLuka

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When making online purchases, always check the seller's reviews and feedback by other buyers first, as one man found out recently.

Stomper TomEverLuka ordered $10 pancake mix from a seller on e-commerce platform Lazada, only to receive a bottle of vanilla extract in the mail on Thursday (Sep 17).

He said: "I ordered one thing and received a completely different item. Is this some kind of joke? This is an insult to me.

"To anyone reading this, I urge you not to buy anything from this Lazada seller by the name of 'Jj1canla' or do so at your own risk.

"I have requested a refund from the seller but till now, there is no response from them even though I asked nicely and their status was online yesterday (Sep 20)."

TomEverLuka also realised that many buyers went through similar experiences with the seller. Several of them left poor reviews about how they received an item that was different from what they had ordered.

The Stomper added: "The surprising part is that this 'Jj1canla' has 550 followers on Lazada. That is tragic beyond belief. Catastrophic."