Woman allegedly presses emergency button on train in dispute over seat: 'You lose the face of Singapore'

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lau

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A woman purportedly pressed the emergency button on the North-East Line MRT train in a dispute over a seat.

A video of the confrontation was uploaded on TikTok on Feb 14 and has since gone viral on different online platforms.

The caption read: "China woman harasses passengers for not giving their seats to her. She then presses the emergency button on the train before running away."

The video, which does not show how the argument started, begins as the train was departing Outram Park station.

Standing in front of two other female passengers who were in the corner seats, the woman can be first heard saying in Mandarin: "Why can't I say it?

One of the passengers and the woman asked each other in English: "What's your problem?"

The woman claimed she wanted the other passenger to give the seat to the "old people".

"I said, 'Please, can?'" said the woman.

The passenger retorted: "Did you say 'please' just now?"

The woman then argued that the passenger was a "youngster".

The "youngster" replied: "I am after work. Of course, I am tired and I want to sit down."

As the argument continued, the woman asserted: "As a Singaporean, you lose the face of Singapore, you know?"

She also threatened to call the police and accused one of the passengers of using an obscenity.

When the train came to a stop at the next station, the woman appeared to go to press the emergency button on the other side of the door.

The video ends right after one of the seated passengers asked the video-taker: "Are you recording?"

According to SMRT, the Emergency Communication Button should be activated only in an emergency.

Emergency situations include assaults, molestations, medical emergencies, spotting suspicious items or people, accidents and train cabin faults.


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Posted by SMRT on Thursday, 27 February 2014