Ah Beng punches himself while shouting at Ah Boy on train

Submitted by Stomper S

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A man was caught on camera shouting at a fellow train commuter, even punching himself to make a point.

Stomper S shared a video of the the incident that occurred on a East-West Line train near Tiong Bahru MRT station on Monday (Aug 20), at around 1pm.

S said: "Ah Beng threatening a boy on the train.

"I have no idea what caused the dispute, but it might be because the youth looked at the Ah Beng and didn't break eye contact, so the Ah Beng was not happy and shouted, 'Stare what stare?!'

"Some passenger pressed the emergency stop button due to this."

In the video, the man can be seen getting up in the youth's face and shouting, 'Come!' in Mandarin. He also points at and punches his own face, though the youth appears stoic and does not react.

The two then stare at each other for some time.

The man continues yelling, but it is unclear who he is now addressing as he says, "I tell you, I will not let that man off!'