Commuter shouts 'non-stop' at youths on train, scaring away family with child

Submitted by Stomper Wisely

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Update on Nov 2:

Youths screamed at by commuter says she called them 'tikopek' and told them to get out of train

Original article:

A commuter was shouting so intensely at people on a train that those around him had to move away and switch seats.

Stomper Wisely shared a video of the incident that he witnessed on the North-South Line on Sunday (Oct 29), at around 7pm.

Wisely said the commuter had started yelling at two youths at Khatib MRT station and was still "shouting non-stop" even when the Stomper alighted at Canberra MRT station.

Wisely added: "The shouting was so loud that a family with a young boy needed to leave their seats."

It is unclear what the commuter was upset about, but they can be heard shouting in English and Hokkien.

A woman who was seated next to the commuter with a toddler on her lap can be seen getting up from her seat, along with her husband.

The family of three then move away from the commuter and a young man can be seen giving up his seat to them.

Wisely told Stomp: "I don't know what happened in the end as the commuter was still shouting at the two secondary school or polytechnic boys by the time I alighted."