Woman admits to assaulting mother and abusing policeman with vulgar language

A woman who attacked her parents in their flat at Block 200, Toa Payoh North, and hurled vulgarities at four police officers who had arrived at the scene to help, has pleaded guilty in court.

During the incident on May 11, Cheryl Sng Yu Qin, 33, also snatched a statement from Staff Sergeant Gerald Ng Yong Sheng and tore it up.

Staf Sgt Ng had been taking a statement from Sng’s mother at the time.

Sng pleaded guilty to three charges, including assaulting her mother, using abusive language on Staff Sgt Ng and obstructing him from carrying out his duties. 

Two other assault separate assault charges involving her parents and three charges of verbally abusing the other three police officers will also be taken into consideration during Sng’s sentencing, reports The Straits Times.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Zhongshan, recounting the events in court, said that Sng's father, 68, had called the police at 6.40pm when his daughter was having a row with her mother.

Staff Sgt Ng who arrived at their flat with another officer then approached Sng’s mother, 59, to find out what had happened. 

During that time, Sng suddenly hit her mother’s back with her left hand. 

Staff Sgt Ng asked Sng what she was doing, and she defiantly told him:

“I am hitting my mum.”

Sng then became agitated and heaped vulgarities on Staff Sgt Ng as he tried to calm her down. 

DPP Tan said that Sng refused to give her particulars to the officers. 

When Staff Sgt Ng asked her to go to her room and cool down, she compiled. 

However, when she overheard Staff Sgt Ng obtaining her personal particulars from her mother, she came out of her room, snatched the statement from him, and tore it up.

Sng’s lawyer, Ms Muntaz Zainuddin, asked District Judge Ong Hian Sun to call for a report to assess her client's suitability for a mandatory treatment order. 

Ms Muntaz, however, did not reveal any details about Sng’s mental condition. 

Judge Ong has asked for the report. 

Offenders who are given a mandatory treatment order will receive treatment for their mental condition instead of serving time in prison. 

The order can be revoked, however, should the offenders fail to heed the conditions of their treatments. 

Sng will be back in court on May 16, 2018.