'Well brought-up' schoolboy shelters alighting bus commuters from rain with umbrella in Punggol

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Sept 15, 2023

A young boy showed everyone the meaning of kindness and selflessness when he stood at a bus stop amid the pouring rain and held up an umbrella for alighting bus passengers.

And the fact that he got slightly drenched in the process didn’t faze him either.

Instagram page sgfollowsall uploaded a short clip of the incident on Wednesday (Sept 13). It showed the scene of a heavy downpour at a bus stop in Punggol, as rain pelted down between the shelter and the bus.

The bespectacled boy, in school uniform, stood in the gap holding up an umbrella. As passengers alighted, he shielded them from the rain.

Even as the rain from the top of the umbrella spattered onto him, he stood unwaveringly.

The people he helped thanked him for his kindness, and netizens were effusive in their praise of the young lad.

“He himself was drenched but.. he never stopped to shelter others. This is truly a well brought-up boy. I would be so proud of him as a parent,” read one comment.

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