Caring SMRT bus captain warms hearts on rainy day by sheltering passengers with umbrella

Submitted by Stomper Judah

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It might have been a rainy Sunday afternoon on July 9, but a bus captain warmed hearts by going the extra mile for his passengers.

Stomper Judah shared the memorable encounter she had when she took SMRT bus service 187 from Lakeside MRT station towards Jurong West.

She recounted: "The bus captain kindly asked all passengers to disembark through the front door.

"To our surprise, he had an umbrella prepared to shield us from the rain, ensuring we stayed dry. His thoughtfulness extended to those boarding the bus as well."

A photo taken by Judah shows the bus captain holding out a blue umbrella for passengers boarding the bus during Sunday's heavy downpour.

The Stomper added: "This act of selflessness and genuine care touched my heart, and I am immensely grateful for this compassionate bus captain. May his selfless act inspire everyone to act kindly to another."