SMRT employee helps wheelchair-bound woman onto bus, accompanies her all the way home

Submitted by Stomper JL

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She literally went the extra mile.

Stomper JL was heartened to see how an SMRT employee went out of her way to help a passenger who was on a wheelchair on Saturday (Sept 2).

The employee not only helped the woman onto a bus, but even accompanied her on the journey and sent her home, said JL.

JL recounted: "I was onboard bus service 912A at Woodlands Bus Interchange at around 12.20pm.

"I witnessed a female SMRT staff member assisting a old lady in a wheelchair to board the bus. I thought it was gonna end there but it did not. To my surprise, the SMRT staff took the bus together with the old lady.

"Throughout the journey, they were seen chit-chatting and the staff member kept ensuring the old lady that she would send her home safely.

"It was really very heartwarming to witness this! I concluded from the incident that the old lady must have been feeling unwell or had lost her way. Kudos to the staff for going the extra mile!"