Hong Kong newlyweds destroy photographer with 30-page critique

Weddings are joyous affairs and many people choose to eternalise these moments in photographs.

Recently, a couple from Hong Kong, unsatisfied with the photos of their wedding ceremony, decided to give feedback to their photographer, reports DigitalRev and World of Buzz.

The couple compiled a 30-page long document, critiquing their photographer’s skills and pointing out the mistakes he made. 

The two even painstakingly drew grids on each photo so they could refer to the Rule of Thirds to highlight composition mistakes.

Photos from the report soon became viral on Facebook, with many netizens expressing amusement over the couple’s exaggerated reaction. 

However, some have stepped up to defend the photographer.

One Facebook user said: "This is stupid. If they were so picky they should have mentioned all the requirements before the wedding.

"I shoot and light my photos however the hell I want. The client should acknowledge the style before hiring a photographer."

Another user said: "Maybe they should have taken their own wedding photos!"

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