Uninvited guests steal food and ruin family's picnic at Botanic Gardens

Submitted by Stomper Reena

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A family's day out turned sour after a group of uninvited guests gate-crashed the party and tried to steal food.

Stomper Reena said she and her children visited Botanic Gardens on Sunday (Mar 20), at around 11.30am.

She recounted: "We started to find a place to have our picnic.

"Just as we started to eat, a small monkey came to us. I tried to shoo it away but the monkey was undeterred and started to take my son's snacks.

"After that, the monkey came back with a bigger monkey that was even more aggressive and faster.

"While I was still holding my food, the bigger monkey looked angry and almost like it wanted to come after me.

"I ran away and quickly called the officer with the buggy."

Reena said her family managed to move to another spot in the garden to continue their picnic, but the day was already ruined.

She told Stomp: "The mood was not there anymore, so we left after awhile."

Here's what to do if you encounter a monkey outdoors, according to the National Parks Board website.

More info can be found here.